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General Terms and Conditions
Good Rose Company Limited
for Sales via Internet Online Shop

Applicable for shipments to destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Oceania, Africa and Middle East

1. General: All orders and shipments are made subject to the terms and conditions as herein set out. Any conditions stipulated by the Customer which are in contradiction of our general conditions of supply shall be valid only if expressly acknowledged by us in writing. Any local general terms and conditions or specific conditions of sales shall take precedence over the above; The terms and conditions as herein shall remain applicable if any loopholes, contradictions or uncertainties should arise.

2. Conditions of Use: Everyone young as old is welcome to use this service and hand roses to others. No matter what race, religion or financial status. Simple individuals, joined groups, organizations, at events of all kinds and so on…
The only thing which is important to us is that it will be done with a positive spirit, care and love to all.

3. Price: All prices are listed in the indicated currency. Prices are valid as of the day of purchase and as published in the shopping section of the Good Rose website. If valid shipping account information is specified in the order, then shipment is prepaid, packing included and non-insured. For all countries, VAT and any other taxes, duties and local administrative fees are excluded. We reserve the right to modify prices and shipping surcharges for goods not yet shipped if circumstances so require and to notify the Customer as soon as possible unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation.

4. Payment Terms: Only PayPal, credit and debit card payments are accepted. Credit/Debit card data is encrypted using SSL technology and will be kept confidential. No data will be transferred to third parties unless necessary for the transaction or if required by law. All transactions are immediately authorized at the respective credit/debit card organization. Failure to authorize will render the purchase null and void. By entering an online purchase order, the customer agrees that his/her credit/debit card will be used for any additional shipping, tax, or customs charges in order to fulfill the online purchase.

5. Limitation of Shipment Destinations: non applicable.

6. Shipment Times: Whilst we will do our best to adhere to any promise of shipment time, shipment shall not be deemed to be of the essence of the contract nor shall any delay be grounds for claim in respect of damages or cancellation. Part shipments are allowed.

7. Quantities Shipped: Shipment is performed according to actual product availability.

8. Order Cancellation: In the event Customer cancels all or any part of any order or fails to meet any obligations hereunder, causing cancellation of any order or portion thereof, Customer agrees to pay a cancellation charge of 50% of product price. Recognizing that our damages arising from any cancellation or rescheduling of any order will be difficult to estimate, the parties agree that the foregoing charges are reasonable and are intended as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.

9. Return Material: non applicable.

10. Warranties & Liability: Upon written request of the Customer, we undertake at our discretion to repair, replace or credit as quickly as possible all or any part of the goods which, before the expiry of the guarantee period - a maximum of 12 months from the date of shipment - are proved to be defective due to bad material, faulty design or poor workmanship.
Replaced parts shall become our property. The Customer shall bear the costs of remedying (i.e. removing, transporting, and reinstalling) the defective parts. Excluded from our guarantee and liability are all deficiencies in the goods shipped by us, which result from normal wear (e.g. recuperation, weather, air pollution), repairs, failure to observe the user manual, or resulting from other reasons beyond the supplier's control.
All claims or rights of the Customer which are not expressly granted under these general conditions, such as damages, fitness for a particular purpose, reduction of price or withdrawal from the contract, irrespective of the grounds on which they are based, are excluded. In no case whatsoever shall the Customer be entitled to claim damages, in particular but not only for loss of production, use, orders, profit and other direct, indirect or consequential damage. This exclusion of liability does not apply to unlawful intent or gross negligence on our part, but does apply to unlawful intent or gross negligence of persons employed or appointed by us to perform any of our obligations. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange and pay for the return shipment to us or to our local representative. Good Rose assumes no responsibility for claims or damages based on the infringement of patents, copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights.

11. Claims (Complaints): Customer claims must be submitted in written form immediately upon receipt of goods or immediately upon detection of hidden faults whichever is the later and no more than one month from receipt of goods.

12. Ownership of Goods: Ownership of the goods sold shall, notwithstanding shipment, or attachment of these to other property, remain with us until we have received full payment for them.

13. Refusal: Good Rose reserves the right to refuse orders without providing an explicit justification.

14. Law: Any contract between the Parties shall be construed in accordance with International material Law. Place of venue is Hong Kong, China.

15. Intellectual Property: Information and drawings delivered in addition to the sales documentation may not be transmitted to third parties. The customer may not use, in any form whatsoever, any information concerning the design and the functionality. In the event of infringement of this clause we retain the right to claim damages and associated costs.

Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa.

Sam s

Sam Rosen  1951-2021

In memory of our close beloved friend Sam, a great fan & activist of the Smile Rose idea.
Sam was part of our life path, this website - creation team & a great happiness spreader.
Thank you for being in our lives as a symbol of positive life, enthusiasm and kind vigour, for shaking things up and for being different.
We’ll always love & keep you in our hearts.

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