Inner Joy Training

Learn how to live a happier, friendlier and more supportive life

The regular practice of handing out Smile Roses promotes good feelings.

You too can spread happiness and encourage smiles from almost everyone
receiving Roses from you: on the street, in a store, even on public transport.

As you hand out Roses and watch the delight on peoples faces, you get long-lasting
inner joy for yourself because "as you give so you shall receive". (Jesus Christ)

The Rose symbolises many positive emotions and sentiments,
including Love, Caring, Happiness, Appreciation, Gratitude, Faith, Attention, Friendship, Forgiveness,
Hope, Support, Freedom, Understanding, Peace, Trust, Purity, Fellowship, Purpose, Simplicity, Tolerance,
Harmony, Contrition, Understanding, Tenderness, Thanks and much more…

There is an old Buddhist saying, “The fragrance of the rose stays on the giving hand.”
In other words, when you hand out Smile Roses you benefit from as others show their happiness
at receiving this small gift. 

By handing out Smile Roses you simply create a better environment for you and your world. 

The recipients become happier, friendlier, supportive and sympathetic.

It's like moving through your life with an aura of happiness around you! 
Simply improve your life.

A regular practice will help you feel better about yourself as you go about your day lighting up
the faces of people you meet on your journey.

The Smile Rose offers a simple way for you, the giver to:

  • encourage others to smile spontaneously, spreading happiness
  • increase your own self-confidence
  • eliminate low-level depression
  • decrease fears associated with social phobias like speaking to strangers
  • create long-lasting inner joy

This course practiced regularly can improve general well-being and can also increase your ability to achieve
any number of personal goals. The practice simply involves handing out the Smile Rose to members
of the public. Men, women and children alike are generally glad to receive one.

We offer a four hours training course to all and a “How the Joy Training course works”
seminar to life coaches, trainers and therapists.

The Joy Training course lasts 4 hours and costs € 100
We will do our best to support those who wish to participate but may have financial difficulties.

In addition to learning, experiencing and exercising with the Smile Roses, the participants
receive 500 roses of which about 50% are available for later regular use. 

The course comprises about 1.5 hours of basic theoretical explanation and dry practice, about 1.5 hour
of public Smile Rose hand-out experience and about 1 hour of feedback discussion at a local café or bar.
Photos of happy participants and recipients will be taken and displayed on the Smile Rose website album -

This course is now available in Cologne, Germany and Tel-Aviv, Israel.
However, as the practice is simple and easy to follow, we plan to appoint trainers
(available to suitable Joy training basic four hours course graduates) and offer this wonderful
opportunity in an increasing number of locations around the globe.

For more information please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa.

Sam s

Sam Rosen  1951-2021

In memory of our close beloved friend Sam, a great fan & activist of the Smile Rose idea.
Sam was part of our life path, this website - creation team & a great happiness spreader.
Thank you for being in our lives as a symbol of positive life, enthusiasm and kind vigour, for shaking things up and for being different.
We’ll always love & keep you in our hearts.

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