Our birthplace, family, race, religion, our financial status and other matters are,

not always within our control but during our lifetimes we have a great deal of choices


We, a group of multinational Smile Rose friends, present & offer you herewith to try the

“Hand out ROSES to others and win Smiles” idea!

A simple gesture, with a high perceived value and great returns to you the giver!


Smile Rose (SR) symbolises pure LOVE to other human beings!
In addition the rose creates and expresses so much more, such as -

Smiles & Happiness,  Appreciation & Gratitude, Friendship,  Forgiveness, Freedom,  Harmony, Hope, Faith & support, Openness & understanding, Peace,  Tolerance, Trust,   THANKS and much more…


We believe that participants who hand Smile Rose to others (without expectations), will experience similar positive reactions & good vibrations as we do.

- Just imagine how many smiles you can generate…

Our wish is to help spread care/pure love everywhere, bring happiness & hope to all.


Who can participate?  

Everyone no matter if young and old, what race, religion or financial status you are.

Participate as individual, family, group/organization, Hand out at celebrations, events or for no reason at all. You are most welcome to join and hang out Smile Roses whenever you wish.

Online ordering - Obtain your supply of Smile Roses to hand out to others 

The Smile Rose stem is 7cm long. 100 (50+50) pieces are packed in recycled cardboard “vases”.

The Smile Roses are sent in Recycled cardboard “vases” packed in standard postal envelope.

Price includes packing and worldwide registered postal charges (We are a non profit organization).

This package enables you to enjoy the lowest possible price and receive your roses via regular registered postal Air mail, without customs duty charges (in most countries).


How to hand a Smile Rose -

When you receive your roses it is vital to learn the handing process, we advice the followings -

  1. Find a pocket which provides easy access to your Roses at any time
  2. Place them with the rose heads pointing down (In this way you will prevent the sharp end injuring).

Any location is fine if it keeps you aware of the Roses and the joy of handing them to others.

Store some roses everywhere, in your bag, home, office, car (it is an interactive decoration too).

  1. When you wish to hand out a rose to someone, first ‘catch’ their attention, then take one Rose slowly out of the pocket and get it in an upright position (corolla up), then open the leaf with your other hand (to about 45° level) and straighten  the flower. Use calm natural motions.

We suggest that you show the preparation activity openly but hiding these steps works too.

  1. When you have recipient’s attention, make eye contact and forward the rose with a smile!
  2. Quite often you share with the recipient a great happy moment (we call it ‘Soul Connection’).


Hint - Recipients first reaction is usually a big Smile. Some lift the rose and try to smell it as well!  At this point we say that a preferred fragrance, depends on personal and cultural taste and we do not therefore apply any fragrance on roses. Everyone may spray the roses with any smell you wish.


Make a gift to friends

You can easily share this positive and caring idea with others. An envelope can be sent on your behalf to almost any addressee worldwide. A Smile Rose regular 100 pack is a fun present to friends, family and colleagues on special occasions or at any time


The story behind the Smile Rose

It began in Thailand ca. 32 years ago; when a company founder searched for a “friendly something” his company can use as symbol and add to goods sent throughout the world to customers. 

The Rose Corolla which is made in an old Japanese Origami (folding paper) technique, was available in many sizes and colors. Wire and Green sticky paper were available too...

A local coordinator sourced for a few older ladies who were trained to assemble & glue together the components together and create the Smile Rose. As they say – ‘all the rest is history’...
The Smile Roses are Handmade and this process is still in use today...

Our policy is “NO Copyrights” -  - the more people promote this idea the greater it becomes!

We encourage people throughout the world to copy and promote this idea & spread more joy!


We would like to keep the Smile Rose movement clean and free of any personal rewards & profits . Please ensure that there is no reference to any names, religions or any commercial enterprise which may affect, offend /or influence any person or ethnic group.

We consider the “Handing out ROSES to others and win Smiles” project, a great privilege & a life time opportunity to act for humanity. We truly hope you share the same feeling & desire...


Peace & love to you & yours

The Smile Rose“ people

Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa.

Sam s

Sam Rosen  1951-2021

In memory of our close beloved friend Sam, a great fan & activist of the Smile Rose idea.
Sam was part of our life path, this website - creation team & a great happiness spreader.
Thank you for being in our lives as a symbol of positive life, enthusiasm and kind vigour, for shaking things up and for being different.
We’ll always love & keep you in our hearts.

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