The Smile Rose was created with an aim to express positive intentions towards others for no reward other than smiles. The wish is to spread and strengthen care between people!
It brings happiness and hope, tolerance and friendliness, appreciation and gratitude, peace, love and connection…

Handing-out ‘Smile Roses’ increases happiness in our lives! It supports a joyful life approach and promotes more smiles. An easy positive gesture that opens people`s hearts. 

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Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa.

Sam s

Sam Rosen  1951-2021

In memory of our close beloved friend Sam, a great fan & activist of the Smile Rose idea.
Sam was part of our life path, this website - creation team & a great happiness spreader.
Thank you for being in our lives as a symbol of positive life, enthusiasm and kind vigour, for shaking things up and for being different.
We’ll always love & keep you in our hearts.

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